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Mid-Year Reviews Pay Off at Year-End

The middle of each calendar year marks an excellent time to review the health of your current financial plan.

Where do your finances stand?

Life events, taxes and market conditions can all dramatically affect your financial security. A review of your personal finances is a wise

Pay Yourself First

Most people make sure they have enough money to pay their bills – the mortgage, car, telephone, credit card, and other payments – each month.

It's not how much you make that matters; it's how much you save.

However, they often forget to write the most important check. Whether you are a teacher, a professional

Traditional Bond Allocation

By Steve Fahy

The role of bonds in the typical portfolio allocation are changing from this point forward.  Refer to the interest rate chart below.  It shows the 10-year US Treasury rate for the past twenty-five years.  During that period of time,

Looking to 2015: Retirement Plan Changes

What the future holds for retirement plans

The Good News

401(k) and 403(b) Plans

At the start of 2015, participants in 401(k) and 403(b) plans will have contribution limits. A participant will be eligible to contribute up to $18,000, a $500 increase over 2014. Additionally, the catch-up

Identity Theft Related To Tax Returns

So far this year, taxpayers have forwarded to the IRS tens of thousands of emails reflecting identity theft scams that employ phishing – the practice of tricking the recipient into revealing confidential financial information. 

Who will spend your tax refund?

Thieves use the

Join the Tech Revolution

Change is in the air! The percentage of Americans age 65 and older who use the Internet is growing rapidly. A recent Pew research survey found that over 50% of older Americans are surfing the web, participating in social networking or using e-mail.

5 Tips for Keeping Financial Resolutions

Making New Year’s resolutions has become almost cliché, because, let’s face it, most of us find it difficult to stay focused on these resolutions through the end of January.

 New Year, New You

Financial goals can be especially difficult to stick with because our

Discussing Family Financials at Holiday Gatherings

Set an example with your finances

As you get together with your spouse, children and parents for the holidays this year, explore the following list of questions to ensure you’re setting good financial examples for your children, as well as ensuring you and your parents have a

The Wobbly Stool

The “three legged stool” has long been the approach to retirement planning. But most Americans don’t even have a stool, and for some who do, the stool is becoming a bit shaky.

Social Security, Pension, Personal Savings

The “three-legged stool” is considered the basic model of retirement

The Costs of Being a Caregiver

Becoming the caregiver for a sick or disabled loved one can be stressful physically, emotionally, mentally – and financially.

Sixteen percent of the U.S. civilian population were eldercare providers, according to 2011-2012 data from the U.S. Bureau

When Good Markets Go Bad

We know markets will cycle – we just don’t know when. Having professional advice and an investment plan can keep emotions in check when panic and confusion threaten.

Market Cycles and Your Financial Future

History tells us the markets will cycle down again eventually; we just don’t know

What You Need to Know About MLPs

Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), where an investor is a partner rather than a shareholder, is similar to a stock in many ways.

Buying and Selling MLPs

It is traded on the stock exchange, has a ticker symbol, you can buy or sell it at any time during the trading day and

Keep on Rollin’: Working After Retirement

The Rolling Stones. Their band name alone can conjure up images of rock and roll glory, greatness, and success. But, to mention the "Stones" without mentioning several attempts at retirement would be foolish. 

They've had almost as many last

Protecting Your Assets From Probate

When Elvis Presley died, his estate was worth more than $10 million dollars. (1 )

Then it went through probate. After appraisal costs, legal fees, executor's fees, and estate taxes, "The King's" estate was left with only $3 million. (2 ) Because of

Four Basic Estate Planning Documents

The best way to be ready for major life and death decisions is to properly plan ahead. When it comes to your estate, this means an all-encompassing look at the decisions to be made, who makes them, and who gets what.

There are generally four major

Conquering Your Financial Fears

As an “admitted worrier” I have found one of the hardest areas that I continually work on is conquering the “fear” in changing investment allocations. 

I feel it would be helpful to our clients for me to discuss some of those financial fears and

Current State of the Market

Currently, the U.S. is stimulating our own economy by printing over $85 billion a month and using these dollars to buy back short term US Treasury debt.

This helps to push dollars into our markets and keep markets strong, interest rates low and

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