We are pleased to send you a copy of an article recently published by Forbes featuring Michael Mullis’ expert insight of ‘How to Invest Your Money in Q4’.

Article recently published by Forbes featuring Michael Mullis’ expert insight

We, along with 9 other firms nationwide, were asked to contribute our best mutual fund or exchange-traded fund picks for the remainder of the year. Kelley & Mullis Wealth Management’s input is listed fourth. 

We are honored to be part of this elite group which includes the top 1% in our field.

If you read all ten insights, you will find some common themes:

  • The US economy is in good shape
  • International and small cap companies will lead returns through 2016
  • The Fed should raise rates
  • Focus on the long-term not the short-term

One of the requirements for each participate of the article was to select an investment that will do well for the next twelve months. We selected an European Fund.

We believe most of the investment recommendations provided will do well in the long-term, we feel that you, our clients, have seen enough volatility this year.  While we are long-term investors, we want to see some positive results in energy, emerging markets, Asia, and commodities before we move back into those investments.

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