Travel is the only thing you buy which makes you richer

We wholeheartedly agree with the saying, “Travel is the only thing you buy which makes you richer”. However, bank accounts generally don’t. While we’d all love to spend our holidays in a luxurious coma, we find ourselves compromising on little things which our personal bottom line will be grateful for.

Here’s a list of tips from the team at Forbesfone to help you budget your travels better. Happy Traveling!

  1. Compare fare changes in advance

Bookmark sites such as and compare fares so you make sure you opt for the cheapest. Go for budget airlines even if they might be less comfortable. Remember:  economy class will get you to your destination just as fast as business or first class.

  1. Travel off-season and with a partner

Off Season tickets and lodging are always cheaper but it’s different the year round depending on the destination. Traveling with a partner will also slash costs in half (think lodging and taxis).

  1. Go for B&Bs (or stay with a friend/family)

Avoid large, chain hotels like the plague. They will cost double (if not more) what you spend on a local hostel or B&B. Check reviews prior to booking, go for breakfast and book directly from their site. They’re homely and genuine most of the time.

Forbesfone Tip: If it's a possible alternative, get in contact with friends and family in the destination you're traveling to and see if they have an extra bed or sofa for you.

  1. Check out family-run businesses

Go for the restaurant with the local menu (even if you can't understand half of it!) and just take the specials of the day. They’ll be made with seasonal products and anything brought fresh on the day. Avoid touristy restaurants which will serve you frozen products most of the time.

  1. Make sure you have a good roaming mobile plan

For those who wish to stay connected - make sure you know your data roaming rates before you leave. Mobile roaming rates overseas can be vague, expensive and unreliable. This is where we come in: At Forbesfone we provide excellent roaming rates in over 200 countries in the world, without the need to change SIM at borders. Plans are pre-paid so you only spend money on services you actually need, without binding you with a lengthy contract. Bill Shocks? You can rest assured -  there won't be one waiting for you at the end of your trip. Get the Forbesfone SIM and travel in peace of mind.

  1. Drive, but avoid the big cities.

You should make the most of the low gas prices but don’t get anywhere near the city. Traffic could be a nightmare. Drive to and from cities, leaving your rented car outside Hell’s Gate. While in the city, take the metro, the bus or cycle. It will save you time and money.

  1. Try the flea market for local products.

Get in the habit of visiting the local market but learn how to haggle like a pro. Prices are usually soft: they will gladly lower the price than see you walk away.

Planning ahead can help you avoid countless unwanted surprise bills and hidden charges. Traveling should be a comfortable and worry-free experience and you really don't need a 5-star rating to achieve just that. Don’t break your bank: know what your options (and limits) are.

The above material was prepared by Forbes.